ABC Accelerator

Company name

ABC Accelerator


Jakob Gajšek, Head of Venture Relations

Company type

Accelerator (Ljubjana, Slovenia)

Investment range

15k EUR + 35k EUR

Known portfolio companies

Facility, Symvaro, App-ray


How can a startup join your program? ABC Accelerator runs a batch of 10 startups every 6 months. The next batch (Commercial Tech program) is just around the corner, it’s starting on the 1st of April – so internally, the selection of startups is finished already. The batch afterwards will probably start in late September/early October.

We run applications over our website. Often, we scout startups on conferences, or get them by referral from our partners.

What are the services that you offer in the program? Our startups and young companies are equal in what they receive. This consists of 15k€ in equity funding, 35k€ in convertible loan and an additional 300k€, with the two latter being a subject to negotiation. There is also 310k€ worth supply of services from our partners like Microsoft, IBM and Bluemix.

We provide free office space, other perks (like basic accommodation for foreign teams) and you will get access to a network of 100+ mentors (Technology and Industry Experts, Corporate Partners, Serial Entrepreneurs, Business Angels, and VCs) during sessions. There will be several events, a Demo Day, other opportunities to pitch for investors and a huge testing ground for your solutions. You can find the details about the batch I mentioned earlier here:

Whose application are you expecting? In terms of region, we mostly focus on the CEE region, but we also consider applicants from anywhere globally.

We have several requirements for startups that we consider:
• we expect every startup to have a finished product
• if they have early traction in their home market, or adjacent markets, that is a plus
• the startup needs to be highly scalable
• size of market is very important – global businesses are preferred, but we consider startups which can have a large regional market

In the end, we review every application on a per-case basis.

How does the selection process look like? Steps:
1. application online
2. review by ABC team
3. Skype call with ABC team
4. Internal review of all Skype results
5. Skype interview of whole startup team with ABC team and some selected investors and mentors

We start doing the first steps as soon as startups apply.
The 15k€ investment comes in when the startup comes to Ljubljana (at the beginning). The 35k€ is also at the beginning, but is subject to negotiation. The VC investment (up to 300k€) is subject to negotiation, and if successful, comes in at the end of the 3 months.

What questions (3-5) should the teams think through before applying to your program? Am I ready to commit to working extremely hard for the duration of the program?

What do I expect from an accelerator?

Which accelerator is the one that can fulfill my expectations?

Portfolio company as reference Any team you want :) The ones that are the most relevant would be:
Facility, Symvaro, Sportly, Mogy, AppRay, Homey

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